About the Farm

Our family owned and operated farm started when we simply wanted to raise a few of our own beef. In addition, allow our children to learn the importance of hard work and responsibilities. The name of our farm is after our three sons. The farm today has evolved into raising Simmental and Angus breeds. We use registered bulls to breed all our cows and the majority of our cows are from registered stock. We had our first set of twins in 2015!

Our animals are 100% natural and we use rotational grazing in our pastures. The paddocks in our pastures have various grasses and clover. During the winter months they have free range of quality hay. We also provide quality hay for many horse owners and boarding barns.

You can view pictures of our cute babies here!

The other part of our farm is our organic maple syrup operation. It is a lot of work but also lot of fun. The kids get so excited when it is maple syrup season. They love to help in any way they can, especially the "quality control" tastings! You can see more about our process here.

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